Blissful Meditation with Piano Moods - Feel calm, relaxed and free of stress

"This is so beautiful"  "This CD is exquisite" "truly beautiful" "I felt so peaceful and calm" "Like dancing on a clear, smooth lake"

Creative Genius with Mozart Symphonies1 - Boost creativity, focus and mind power

"I feel so much more focused" "Very energizing" "I felt alert with a new confidence" "puts a spring in my step and felt really happy"

Unwind Your Mind with Ambient Journey - Boost mental alertness and sharpen focus

"One of the best albums I’ve heard for a long time" "Total chillout" "Real originality"  "Superbly relaxing" "uplifted"

The Brainwave Entrainment contained in this audio is centered on the Alpha Brainwaves, allowing the listener to enter a calming meditation. Alpha brainwave patterns are ... Click here for more details

Creative GeniusThese tracks take the “IQ boosting “potential of complex classical music and adds one of the most effective creativity and focus enhancing entrainment proto... Click here for more details

This beautiful track that has wonderful energy and speed. The brainwave entrainment in this track is designed to lift “brain fog” and energize your thinking. The frequencies used in the track are often ... Click here for more details 

CD $19.95   

CD $19.95   

CD $19.95   


Effortless Efficiency with Vivaldi, The 4 Seasons - Improve focus and concentration whilst feeling relaxed

"Extremely effective" "So calming & soothing" "That get-up and go feeling is there" "very relaxing and lift my spirit" 

Working Rhythms Mystic Fusion - Feel Energized, Focused and Creative at the same time

"Excellent, Energizing and uplifting." "Makes my heart sing" "Instant energy" "Feeling refreshed and happy"

The Awakening Mind Over Matter - Perfect for Relaxation, Healing and Visualizations


This audio entrains both sides of the brain separately to substantially improve focus and concentration while keeping you relaxed and feel... Click here for more details


This track is designed to keep you Energized, Focused and Creative at the same time. There are also frequencies embedded in this audio that help encoura... Click here for more details

This track is directly associated with heart and healing. The brainwave entrainment base pitch is set at 341 which is associated with the heart. Additionally, the Brainwave Entrainment is set a 10.5 cycles per second which is said to help with healing the body and encourages mind body unity

CD $19.95   

CD $19.95   


CD $19.95